Christmas Stage Design - 2014

If you’re an event director or stage designer (or more likely, a worship leader who has inherited those two jobs), Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to go hog-wild. Whether you’re hoping for simple and classic, or all-out with every inch of the stage covered in fake snow, the Internet is great resource to get your creative juices flowing. Here we will walk you through our stage design process for the 2014 Christmas season.

Our stage definitely has some barriers. We use environmental projection on our back wall, which is awesome, but from certain angles it will shadow. Also, since our stage is so wide, we have to be choosey about where we place each object. The stage can seem big and intimidating for new church-comers, so we wanted to create a look that would feel inviting. Additionally, we have A LOT of events this time of year, so our key goal was versatility.

Working at a church, I needed to be wise about our budget and only purchase items we could use again in the future. I had always dreamed of a doing a string lights set draped like a chandelier toward the audience. So, we ordered over 2,000 feet worth of strings and bulbs and got to work and; the result was magical.

1,500 light bulbs, 13 strands, 3 broken bulbs (you should be impressed) and 11 hours later, this was our finished product.

The best thing is to be creative, make something that will serve your church best and work with what you have. We hope you enjoy this holiday season! If you happen to be in the South Florida area, we hope to see you at our Christmas Celebration on December 17th and our Christmas Eve services on the 24th. Merry Christmas!